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By Tiffany Nichols - Visitor Services Manager

Abilene just might be the friendliest city in the friendliest state of the union. And our town’s welcoming, faces aren’t just a fun part of our West Texan culture, they’re important for business.

That’s why everyone should attend Abilene CHAMPions Hospitality Training on Oct. 25 and learn about this community we serve. It’s a half-day session, and you can choose from the morning or afternoon. The good vibes will take place in the Abilene Convention Bureau offices downtown, 1101 North First Street.

Margaret Hoogstra, the hardworking pro who promotes the Texas Forts Trail Region, is certified in “Texas Friendly.” She’ll teach best practices for customer interactions and tips for what to do when things go south. Bring questions and we’ll try to provide answers.

The ACVB also will share useful information about all things Abilene: an inside look into local events, popular attractions and other resources to help everyone appreciate and promote the city. Participants get a short, guided tour of The Grace Museum, Frontier Texas!, 12th Armored Memorial Museum and National Center for Children’s Illustrated Literature. Bonus: Cowboy poet Gus McDusty will give a brief, personalized tour of downtown to close out each class.

Cost to attend is $10, a nominal investment for a priceless return: Abilene’s reputation as a customer-friendly community. You and your business can earn certification as an Abilene CHAMP, bragging rights to add to your website or social media campaigns.

Studies tell us that when customers report a positive experience, 70 percent of that opinion is based on how they feel they were treated. We want everyone who visits Abilene to leave with smiles on their faces and good stories to share.

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