Lake Kirby

Abilene, TX 79602

Lake Kirby is primarily a fishing lake, but it is also a great place to see a wide variety of birds. The Common Moorehen is currently a year-round resident. Other birds sited include: ducks, gulls, pelicans, herons, egrets, desert cardinals, Verdind, Bell’s Vireo, sparrows and other migrating birds. The best place to bird is the east side on the lake, in the early morning, when the sun will be at your back. Other park amenities are: picnic shelter, playground, restrooms, baseball complex, softball complex, practice backstops, public boat ramp and fishing pier. No swimming or camping is allowed.

Aquatic Vegetation: Bulrushes
Predominant Fish Species: Largemouth bass, Channel & blue catfish, White crappie, Bluegill & green sunfish, Common carp
Recreation: Fishing boats only
Water Clarity: Red colored with visibility less than 12 inches

S. Hwy. 83/84

Customizable Directions

Basic Directions

Lake Kirby is located on the southeast side of Abilene.  Exit Loop 322 and turning south onto Maple Street. When you see the baseball fields, turn right into the park and continue until coming to a fork in the road. To your right is the dam and to your left is the boat ramp and access to the lake via several paved roads. The lake has paved roads around the east side and dirt roads on the west side of the lake