Registration | Delegate Packets

The information provided below will give you the needed information on how to successfully go through the registration process of getting your group set up and ready for its conference and/or convention. The ACVB can assist you in designing a registration form to fit your convention needs or you can take a look at a Sample Registration Form (PDF).

Registration Form Information that should be included:

  • Name of organization
  • Date of convention
  • City where the convention will be held
  • Host hotel and overflow hotels, if any, including phone numbers
  • Hotel rates
  • Contact person, telephone number and email address for questions
  • Delegate name, address, telephone number and email address
  • Delegate area, region, club, etc., that may be important
  • Cost of registration and events listings
  • Cost broken down into events for those only attending part of the conference
  • Registration deadline & room block release date


  • Look for adequate lighting, electrical outlets and space. Set registration near a lounge or public area with easy accessibility.

Registration Times:

  • If convening “under one roof”, set registration times to coincide with hotel check-in. However, don’t assume everyone will register in good time!

Displays and Signs:

  • Adequate signage must be displayed in order to direct delegates to their specific meetings. Contact the ACVB about signage assistance.

Equipment - Some items you may find necessary during registration are:

  • Typewriter or computer with printer
  • Blank name badges
  • Blank registration forms
  • Maps of the area
  • Registration packets
  • Money box and plenty of change
  • Cell telephone and telephone directory
  • Stapler, tape and scissors
  • Signage

Message Center:

  • Some conventions require that delegates be accessible at all times. If a message center is required, make it easily accessible to hotel/meeting center staff and convention delegates. In addition, make announcements during general sessions so delegates know to check the board.

Cancellation Policy:

  • Make sure you have a clear cancellation policy from the beginning.

Tickets, Programs, Information Packets, Ribbons, Name Tags:

  • The convention bureau can assist you with designing event tickets, programs, registration forms, information packets and name tags. Ribbons that attach to a name tag are available for special guests, host committee, speakers, judges and others. Speak to a convention services professional for more information.

Delegate Packets:

The Bureau will furnish a packet for each meeting delegate.  Delegate packets contain:

  • Abilene Visitor Guide and Map
  • Abilene Lapel Pin
  • Discount Coupons (if available)
  • Any goodies furnished by the association