Abilene CHAMPions Hospitality Training

Help provide customers and visitors with a positive and unique Abilene experience through the Abilene Convention & Visitors Bureau’s CHAMPions Service and Destination Training online program. Increase your knowledge of the city and surrounding areas as well as enhance your customer service skills, by becoming an Abilene CHAMPion.

What’s in it for you, the business owner?

  • Detailed training for employees with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and getting to know the community
  • Online training allows for limited time away from work for employees
  • Designation on Abilene CVB website as an Abilene CHAMPions Service Certified business after 85% of employees have completed certification
  • Obtain feedback from mystery shopper experiences and online customer surveys

What’s in it for you as an employee? 

  • Increased customer service skills that can be carried into any industry
  • Better understanding of your job and community
  • Add certification to your resume
  • More customers as your reputation for excellent hospitality grows
  • Potential increase in sales and tips through greater customer satisfaction